Influencer Marketing made easier through GOinfluencer Suite

People have always been interested in the personal life of celebrities. They want to know what they wear, which brands they use and what they buy, but the lives of these celebrities are often inaccessible for most of their followers. The ability to rise and reach millions is no longer limited to these celebrities. Social media has made it easy for anyone to build their community and create content for their followers. These platforms have not only created a community, but they have also increased the relatability factor, which was absent in the phase of celebrities.

Increased trust factor with influencers

According to thinkwithgoogle, 70% of YouTube subscribers relate more with these influencers rather than celebrities and 4 in 10 millennials relate to their favourite influencer more than their friends. The trust and loyalty these influencers have is unimaginable. The influencers have carefully nurtured and catered to their audience. In some cases, they have become more trustworthy than a person’s own friend.

This trust and loyalty gives these influencers a platform to endorse and uplift the products they enjoy, while monetizing their content. Rather than getting annoyed with advertisements, like Instagram feed ads, the audience welcomes the campaigns from influencers as they are organically integrated with their usual content. Social proof is essential among Millennials and Gen Z-ers, and that is why the importance of influencer marketing has grown in recent years. It’s a psychological fact that people are more inclined to share and buy a product which has thousands of reviews rather than buying the same kind of product which has 0 reviews.

This social proof is the key element behind driving the influencer market. Influencer market is fairly new, but traditional marketing cannot match the efficiency it provides. In celebrity marketing campaigns like billboards and television advertisements, it has been difficult to analyse the results of the campaigns, but with influencer marketing, it is incredibly easy to calculate the ROI of the campaign. A report from Nielsen Catalina Solutions concluded that influencer marketing is 11 times more effective than banner ad campaigns and 16 times more efficient than any other digital marketing campaign.

These staggering numbers are not so easy to achieve for any kind of influencer. The most well-established influencers don’t endorse any product that comes their way, instead these influencers get support from their audience when they endorse a product which they personally trust and use themselves. This adds to their authenticity, which is a key element in influencer marketing. Brands can approach these influencers with their products and let them decide whether they want to run their campaigns. This is how influencer marketing has dominated the digital ad space. It thrives on the mutual trust created between the influencers and brands.

How does GOinfluencer Suite help in this?

This process of influencer marketing can be very overwhelming for new and upcoming influencers. For brands, it can be very confusing to select the right influencer for their campaign. GOinfluencer’s influencer marketing Suite is the go-to software for the same. Brands may utilise the marketing tools provided by the Suite to discover and engage with influencers on a large scale. Influencers can use these outreach tools to develop their personal audience for their personal brand.

The GOinfluencer suite is much more than just a tool for discovery. A marketing campaign includes various factors such as engagement ratio, social media following, performance analysis and lots more. GOinfluencer Suite gives appealing, valuable reports and dashboards to graphically represent this information, and can assist track mentions and evaluate the worth of each post. Not only that, but with its AI powered algorithms, it decreases the errors of manual targeting and intuitively learns with every campaign.

Influencer marketing is still considered to be in its nascent stages and it is only going to get bigger in the years to come. Working with influencers may help brands achieve their goals, no matter what they are. With the assistance of GOinfluencer Suite, the task of running influencer marketing campaigns has become easier for both the brands and the influencers.

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Give your brand a rocket boost with Influencer Marketing

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Give your brand a rocket boost with Influencer Marketing

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