GOinfluencer Revenue Distribution Announcement

3 min readFeb 28, 2022


In continuation with the earlier announcement in which GOinfluencer had promised that its community will receive 50% of the revenue generated by them in the first quarter, this announcement covers the details of how the community will be able to earn the rewards.

GOinfluencer’s unwavering commitment to its community had encouraged them to share their entire earnings with the $GOIN token holders. And with tokens worth 50% of the revenues being burned, here is the chance for the community to earn the other 50% of the revenue.

And yes, this half will be distributed in BUSD itself !

All that the community needs to do is stake $GOIN and they get to earn the rewards.

Unlike the last staking pool, this will be a $GOIN/BUSD staking pool. The staking will commence from 1st March, 2022 at 1600 UTC and it will end on 10th March, 2022 at 1600 UTC, giving the $GOIN community the opportunity to stake for the entire 10 days. The staking limit for this pool has been fixed at 15,000,000 $GOIN tokens.

Since the quarter has not ended yet, it is not possible for the GOinfluencer team to commit to an APR as of now. But what should excite the community is that the team is expecting the rewards to be somewhere between BUSD 10,000 to BUSD 15,000, which will be distributed to the community proportional to the staked $GOIN.

Key Features

Contribution Period

There are only 10 days that are open for staking. Therefore, the $GOIN community can stake for a limited period of time only post the opening of the staking pool. Once the said duration is complete or in the event that the contract reaches its maximum capacity, contributions are closed permanently for this pool. All the users can check the progress bar anytime to know how much of the contract has been filled.

Full Maturity

This staking pool has a full maturity period of 60 days and a stringent lock-in period of 60 days. Therefore, there is no provision for early withdrawal in this staking pool. Users will be assigned a date and time, which will indicate how long they need to stake to attain maturity and obtain maximum rewards.

Things to note

  • $GOIN/BUSD staking
  • Staking open date: 1st March, 2022 1600 UTC
  • Staking close date: 10th March, 2022 1600 UTC
  • Number of days to stake: 10
  • Total Pool: 15,000,000
  • Stringent Lock-in: 60 days
  • Maturity: 60 days

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  • Total number of stakers: 7
  • Total $GOIN staked: 15,000,000
  • Total BUSD rewards: 10,000*
  • Current $GOIN Price: $0.0024

*This is the minimum total rewards that the GOinfluencer team is expecting to distribute. It could range anywhere from BUSD 10,000 to BUSD 15,000.

About GOinfluencer

GOinfluencer is a marketing and business search engine that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help small and medium-sized businesses locate their ideal customers. GOinfluencer’s mission is to help small companies get the marketing clout of large organisations by assisting them in reaching their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. GOinfluencer acts as a middleman between brands and influencers, making influencer marketing campaigns as straightforward as a Facebook or Google ad campaign.

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