GOinfluencer releases its roadmap for Q2 and Q3 of 2022

6 min readMar 25, 2022

The GOinfluencer team’s commitment to the project has been unwavering and they are pleased to share the roadmap for Q2 and Q3 of 2022.

With lots of exciting updates and product releases, GOinfluencer is confident that the progress made in the next couple of quarters will accelerate them towards their mission of becoming the best influencer marketing company in the space and more.

With the creator economy growing like never before, GOinfluencer has realized that this is the best time to tap into the sector while keeping creators at the center of its innovations. In the near future, with community benefits at its core, GOinfluencer has three major focus areas:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • GOINvest platform
  • Influencer-led e-commerce

Influencer Marketing

While GOinfluencer has successfully worked on more than 75 projects and managed campaigns worth more than $500,000 budget, they are gearing up to scale this even further. Currently GOinfluencer is executing around 8–10 campaigns monthly, with the monthly revenue ranging from $5K-$10K.

From the business perspective, the plan is to scale up these campaigns and increase the revenue by 200%-300% in the next 6 months. This will be done by automating the processes via the GO Campaigns tool, the first version of which is set to launch in April 2022. Following features are under development and are expected to be delivered in next 6 months:

  • Campaign tracking dashboard
  • Schedule viewer
  • Post campaign analytics
  • Content management tool
  • Project and Influencer dashboards

From the expansion perspective, the target for the next couple of quarters is to increase the number of onboarded influencers to 500 on Twitter. In addition to strengthening the influencer presence on Twitter, the team is committed to expand its social media base to YouTube as well and aims to onboard 100 influencers.

In addition to executing influencer marketing campaigns for crypto projects, the team is also working towards increasing the number of projects they get for the campaigns. The strategy to increase the number of projects is to get into strategic partnerships with launchpads, incubators, and communities. Target is to scale up the monthly campaigns execution to more than 20 which will help us in increasing the revenue by 200%-300%. These partnerships will also enable GOinfluencer to accelerate its influencer allocation services for the projects.

GOINvest Platform

The GOINvest program was launched by GOinfluencer in Jan 2022. The program has been a resounding success with $GOIN token holders earning a consistent APR of more than 150%. Building on this success, the team is focusing on upgrading the platform through UX revamp, introduction of early withdrawal, liquidity staking support, multi token support, and Wallet Connect support.

While it benefits the $GOIN token holders to stake their $GOIN and earn rewards in diverse ways, GOinfluencer has realized the platform’s capabilities and is gearing towards launching a Staking-as-a-Service platform. The project positioning provides GOinfluencer with the opportunity to work with various projects from an early stage and using this opportunity, GOinfluencer is planning to offer its whitelabeled staking-as-a-service platform to its partner projects. This opens up a new revenue stream for GOinfluencer, which will further increase the overall revenue of the project.

Wyshlist: Influencer-led e-commerce platform

Realizing the numerous opportunities that the creator economy presents itself with, GOinfluencer has decided to venture into an influencer-led e-commerce platform for the traditional market. This e-commerce platform will be primarily focused on the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries. Wyshlist targets the $105 Billion global creator economy market. With the 1st version of Wyshlist slated to release in May 2022, the team plans to move aggressively with this through onboarding of more than 250 influencers across social media and more than 100 D2C brands in the space. These influencers will be able to sell the brand products as affiliates and stand to earn infinite rewards based on their selling capabilities.

With this product, brands will be able to increase their profit margins as their marketing costs will automatically be incorporated into this branding exercise. Furthermore, smart contracts will be used in the product to automate payments and operations. This product will assist GOinfluencer in bringing $GOIN token utility into the traditional universe (outside the crypto world). Stakeholder rewards and incentives for the $GOIN community will increase with this product as this opens up an entirely new revenue stream for GOinfluencer.

Benefits for GOinfluencer Community

The team at GOinfluencer has come up with an elaborate roadmap to ensure that its community gets rewarded continuously and consistently.

The community will be benefited in four ways through their investment in GOinfluencer:

  • Distribution of revenue earned from various sources by GOinfluencer

With multiple initiatives being launched by GOinfluencer, the sources of revenue are expanded more than ever. Sale of staking-as-a-service platform, campaign management fees, and finder’s fees for influencer allocation are some of the ways that GOinfluencer generates revenue and this will directly benefit the community as part of the burning and revenue distribution program by GOinfluencer

  • Benefits from GOinfluencer partner projects

GOinfluencer had already launched the $GAINS and $EBSC staking pool for the community to earn passive income through $GOIN staking. More partner project tokens will be up for grabs for the community as the team partners with more projects. Furthermore, the team is venturing into rewarding the community with high value NFTs from partner projects. In addition to these, the team is gearing up for exclusive GOIN community IDO access in high potential partner projects

  • Token burning

As announced earlier by the team, $GOIN tokens worth a part of revenue generated by GOinfluencer in a particular period of time is burnt for the betterment of the community. Extending the idea of burning, the team is working on a social burning program to be launched in the next couple of quarters, which will ensure more tokens are burned. The two burning programs will run simultaneously and ensure that the community is steadily compensated for the trust it has placed on GOinfluencer

  • GOinfluencer Ambassador Program

In order to extend the benefits from GOinfluencer, in the coming couple of quarters, the team will come up with ambassador programs wherein the community will be rewarded for each project and influencer that the community refers to the GOinfluencer partner network. More details on the program will be launched later

Roadmap Highlights and Timelines

Detailed roadmap can be accessed here: GOinfluencer - Roadmap 2022

With numerous initiatives and product releases slated for the next couple of quarters, GOinfluencer is confident that the community stands to benefit from investing in $GOIN.

Exciting road ahead for GOinfluencer and its community.

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Comments from the GOinfluencer team

We wish to thank the GOinfluencer community for trusting us and investing in us. We have remained flexible and adaptive in exploring newer areas around the creator economy. However, what remains consistent is our commitment to the community to ensure that the project survives long-term and the utility of $GOIN token remains intact. We have no doubt that as long as we have the community benefits at the forefront of our decision-making process, we will all be on the same page with respect to the prospects of the project. To conclude, we would like to thank you again for your patience. We understand that the expectations from the project are high and we want to assure you that we are doing everything in our powers to match those expectations by bringing in high quality product features and initiatives.

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