GOinfluencer releases its progress update and roadmap for Q2 of 2023

4 min readApr 6, 2023


The GOinfluencer team’s commitment to the project has been unwavering and they are pleased to share the roadmap for Q2 of 2023 along with the project progress.

Progress Update

It has undoubtedly been a tough season for the crypto projects with one of the longest crypto winters that the industry has seen in the last few years. However, the team at GOinfluencer has been working tirelessly to expand its partner network and is waiting eagerly for the projects to start their marketing campaigns again. While the revenue has been negligible in the last few months owing to the crypto winter, the team is preparing for the next bull run.

The team has strengthened its influencer network with over 500 Twitter influencers and 20+ top tier Twitter influencers. The strong influencer network does not stop with Twitter. GOinfluencer has also partnered with more than 100+ YouTube influencers and more than 500+ Instagram influencers across various industries and segments.

With partnerships being the key strategy during this tumultuous time, GOinfluencer can boast of more than 20 incubators/marketing agencies and launchpads, who will be key in sourcing new projects for us to partner for their influencer marketing needs. Moreover, GOinfluencer team is pleased to announce the signing of MoU with Ferrum Network, one of the leading incubators in the crypto industry. The affiliate partnership between GOinfluencer and Ferrum Network is expected to do wonders for both the projects with all the projects under the umbrella of Ferrum Network will be referred to GOinfluencer for their influencer marketing needs. This will be a game changer for both GOinfluencer and Ferrum Network, with the core objective being the immense success of the projects undertaken by Ferrum Network.

Another important milestone in the partnership space for GOinfluencer is its engagement with the TTC group, which provides infinite growth solutions to its partner projects. The team is excited to partner with TTC for their projects’ influencer marketing needs.

The team’s endeavors to venture into the fashion and other industries is still a work in progress. With little success due to the market being crowded, the team is in the process of identifying the right strategies to venture into industries and segments other than crypto. This will ensure diversification of risks and provide multiple opportunities for the project supporters and believers.

The Road Ahead

The strategy through the next quarter is three-fold: breeze through crypto winter, venture into different industries and provide an enhanced set of services to projects.

While the team is cognisant of the challenges posed by the crypto winter this season, they are already working tirelessly to breeze past it with more initiatives and strategies around it. With that in focus, GOinfluencer team is working on a playbook for new projects to get started with influencer marketing in the crypto space. It will provide them with the tools and techniques to succeed in the bearest of the markets.

The team realizes that the success that it has gained in the crypto market can be replicated with some small tweaks in its strategy and while they had already set baby steps in that direction, this quarter is going to see them put their best foot forward in ensuring that they are able to find success in other sectors as well.

With unprecedented access to the new projects at a very early stage of their journeys, the team is looking forward to expanding the services that they can provide to these projects along with their core value proposition of marketing these projects through influencers. On that front, the GOinfluencer’s initiatives are mentioned below:


  • Funding assistance for new projects through various partners
  • End-to-end marketing suite for the projects to take advantage of and reach to the right set of users for their project


  • Preparing and planning for a project launchpad


  • Staking Platform for the projects though GOINvest
  • Influencer marketing for the projects to keep their users updated with the progress and updates about their project

While these initiatives showcase the unwavering commitment of the GOinfluencer team towards its community, the token utility will be minimal till the crypto winter passes by. However, the team has already planned for few initiatives which will culminate into increased token utility and hence enhanced value generation for the community:

  • 50% Discounts to projects in GOinfluencer fees for the services if they HODL $GOIN of similar value as the campaign budget for the entire duration of the campaign
  • 30% Discounts to projects in GOinfluencer fees if they pay in $GOIN
  • Token Burning at a higher frequency

About GOinfluencer

GOinfluencer is a marketing and business search engine that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help small and medium-sized businesses locate their ideal customers. GOinfluencer’s mission is to help small companies get the marketing clout of large organisations by assisting them in reaching their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. GOinfluencer acts as a middleman between brands and influencers, making influencer marketing campaigns as straightforward as a Facebook or Google ad campaign. GOinfluencer’s portfolio consists of Campaign Management System, GOINvest (staking), and Wyshlist.

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