GOinfluencer partnership announcement with Project Inverse

Project Inverse has partnered with GOinfluencer to build a strong brand alliance. The collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting new venture.

Project Inverse as a partner

Project Inverse is a DeFi based platform that provides an array of smart-contract features with integrated time-based options. Being a part of the Project Inverse world allows users to speculate on the drop in the value of a suite of DeFi coins. This is done by utilizing the multiple tracking vaults on the platform. At the core of it, Project Inverse vault allows users to hedge against the volatility of select crypto assets.

Project Inverse has already entered into multiple strategic partnerships from diverse verticals which holds them in good stead.

With so many exciting features and initiatives in the platform, it is imperative that the value proposition of the project reaches the right users. This is where GOinfluencer comes into the picture. GOinfluencer aspires to assist Project Inverse in selecting the right set of influencers and through them, reach the right set of customers. With its well-defined and cost-effective processes, GOinfluencer will assist Project Inverse in planning its marketing strategy and help them reach the zenith of DeFi.

We are truly excited about working with GOinfluencer. They made a significant impact in introducing users to our platform. We will continue to work with them.

Project Inverse Marketing Team

Project Inverse has the vision of bringing about a change in the DeFi universe with its multiple kinds of vaults. We are sure that Project Inverse will be significantly ahead of others in the DeFi market with its constant innovation and improvements. This partnership will ensure that we walk every step of the way with Inverse and are part of an exciting journey.

Arpit Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, GOinfluencer

Project Inverse Social Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/inverseproject

Telegram: https://t.me/ProjectInverse

Website: https://projectinverse.com/

Medium: https://projectinverse.medium.com/

About GOinfluencer

GOinfluencer is a marketing and business search engine that uses AI and machine learning to assist small and medium-sized enterprises find their target clients. GOinfluencer aims to assist crypto projects in achieving the marketing power of giant corporations by helping them reach their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. GOinfluencer operates as a facilitator between companies and influencers, making influencer marketing campaigns as simple as running a Facebook or Google ad campaign.

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