GOinfluencer onboards DMT as its influencer partner

GOinfluencer is excited to announce Cryptlistic Marketing as one of their partners in their journey to become the best influencer marketing platform in the cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptlistic Marketing Agency as a brand

DMT, founder and CEO of Cryptilistic Marketing Agency aims to stand out from other influencers by providing their clients with over 250,000 estimated reach per month. With a carefully curated follower base, they aim to deliver what they promise.

As GOinfluencer connects brands with their target influencers, the partnership nurtures and grows more as DMT is an established influencer in the crypto community. Being an influencer, DMT assists GOinfluencer with their projects and helps the client reach their target audience and in turn, GOinfluencer opens up new avenues for DMT.

Will be watching GOinfluencer closely as they are building a platform for influencers where you can earn and enjoy promoting brands! Talked with the CEO yesterday and they are planning to launch in early December!

DMT, Founder, Cryplistic Marketing Agency

We are delighted to welcome DMT and Cryptilistic Marketing Agency as one of our influencer partners and early adopters of our platform. We are confident that a partnership with DMT, who has such credibility and following in the crypto space, will propel us further into the influencer network and help us in onboarding multiple influencers onto our platform.

Arpit Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, GOinfluencer

About Cryptlistic marketing

DMT has gathered expertise since the early days of crypto through trading, mining, research, and participation with the larger crypto community. The crypto industry is quite competitive right now. It is exceedingly difficult for a new or even established blockchain project to gain ideal exposure and awareness in the community among hundreds of already existing currencies and tokens. As a result, a strong crypto project may require a little marketing and promotion to stand out from the crowd. These services are provided by DMT, a crypto influencer and the founder of Cryptilistic Marketing Agency.

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About GOinfluencer

GOinfluencer is a marketing and business search engine that uses AI and machine learning to assist small and medium-sized enterprises find their target clients. GOinfluencer aims to assist small businesses in achieving the marketing power of giant corporations by helping them reach their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. GOinfluencer operates as a facilitator between companies and influencers, making influencer marketing campaigns as simple as running a Facebook or Google ad campaign.

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