GOinfluencer announces Wyshlist, a new age commerce enabling expansion of D2C brands

GOinfluencer: Milestones and Achievements

Having already launched the GOINvest Staking Platform, GOinfluencer team is gearing up for the launch of its proprietary Campaign Management System (CMS). CMS will facilitate convenient connection between the brands and influencers on a single platform, thereby assisting brands in running influencer marketing campaigns seamlessly without much hassle.

Introducing Wyshlist: GOinfluencer’s trump card

Wyshlist is a new age e-commerce platform allowing consumers to shop with their favorite creators. It is a novel way for users to buy products across fashion, lifestyle, beauty, fitness and more, which their favorite influencers prefer and endorse. Users just need to follow the creators online, visit their stores on Wyshlist and order the products they would like to own, directly from the brand’s website. Wyshlist has made the process of owning products that users like on the creators’ social media handles easy and seamless.

Enhanced GOIN Utility

$GOIN has been an integral part of all the initiatives launched by GOinfluencer till now. With 4 launched pools till now offering APR of more than 150%, GOinfluencer’s commitment to their investors has been unwavering. The recent announcement of the roadmap further focuses on increasing the utility of the token in the ecosystem.


After GOINvest and CMS, the addition of Wyshlist to the elusive product portfolio of GOinfluencer comes as a shot in the arm for the project. All the three products have clear synergies between them and with all of them under a single umbrella of GOinfluencer, the project is placed wonderfully to create ripples in the marketing ecosystem across the globe.



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