GOinfluencer announces its IDO on Synapse Network on December 12th!

Mark your calendars for 12th December 2021! GOinfluencer’s $GOIN token will go live on the Synapse Network.

The $GOIN utility will allow users to engage with the GOinfluencer platform and use services such as influencer and brand marketing, including campaign management, detailed analytics, finding the perfect influencer for your brand, and selecting the correct products for the influencer.

Synapse Network is already off to a good start, with a 30x increase in community purchases and over 6000 active members generating over 50,000 actions in its other token launches. GOinfluencer is thrilled to be a part of Synapse’s outstanding portfolio, and is looking forward to the IDO on 12th December 2021.

Synapse connects all blockchains that use smart contracts, opening up a whole new world of fundraising opportunities. Anyone may invest at any level of a project’s development because of a democratised tier structure that was created from the ground up. The Synapse network will be a fully working ecosystem that will connect investors with exciting early-stage enterprises. Because of a tiered structure built specifically for the network, investors will be able to contribute to projects they find interesting even with little sums of money. This tier structure will eliminate elitism by assigning an investing agency to each customer.

You’ll find everything you need to take part in their presale below. Keep an eye on the GOinfluencer twitter handle and Medium page for additional information about the IDO.


  • 06.12.2021 9 AM UTC — Whitelist start (mandatory for non-SNP stakers):

Sale details:

  • Round — Public

About Synapse Network

Synapse Network aims to popularise the concept of a fully regulated financial institution backed by DeFi products. They are a group of professionals with over 20 years of expertise in business, startups, technology, banking, and blockchain solutions. The retail and institutional streams are two segregations of their product, which helps them in reaching out to all kinds of investors.

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About GOinfluencer

GOinfluencer is a marketing and business search engine that uses AI and machine learning to assist small and medium-sized enterprises find their target clients. GOinfluencer aims to assist crypto projects in achieving the marketing power of giant corporations by helping them reach their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. GOinfluencer operates as a facilitator between companies and influencers, making influencer marketing campaigns as simple as running a Facebook or Google ad campaign.

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