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6 min readDec 25, 2021

It was a pleasure to have Mallikarjuna Naidu from Asva Lab in the GOinfluencer community for the AMA session.

Please tell us about yourself and the rest of the team at ASVA Labs

Of course. I am Mallikarjuna Naidu, the CEO of Asva Labs. I started exploring crypto back in 2017 and became an investor in some of the leading crypto projects. That hands-on experience with how profitable the industry can be, made me a crypto evangelist. Over the years, I have worked in growth and marketing roles for multiple projects. By mid 2020, DeFi was a global phenomenon. However, there were some missing points in the industry that had to be critically addressed if it were to go mainstream.

That’s really exciting to hear that you have been associated with the crypto industry for a very long time

Yes, it has been a good journey.

I am sure it has been. I am excited to understand more about the metaverse from you. Metaverse is more than a buzzword now. There are multiple projects popping up every other week with some interesting value propositions. And Asva Labs is touted as an ecosystem dedicated to the metaverse. How do you plan to add value to the next-gen internet?

Of course. Asva Labs is an innovation lab that catalyzes the Web 3.0 revolution through interoperable, decentralized applications. The ecosystem includes MetaLaunch, which is the First Multi-Chain Metaverse Launchpad and Accelerator Platform. The platform is driving the next generation of metaverse projects and enabling them to raise funds through Initial Metaverse Offering (IMO) and Initial Game Offering (IGO). The platform aims to identify and incubate promising Metaverse and gaming startups that are shaping the web of tomorrow with a unique vision and robust business plan. MetaLaunch also offers growth frameworks for the project’s strategic launch.

That’s wonderful to hear and it already looks promising to me.

Our vision To build a unified financial ecosystem and enhance the utility of digital assets in the metaverse.

That’s great. So please tell us this. How does Metalaunch, the premium product from Asva Labs, stand apart from other launchpads?

Some of the unique features of Metalaunch:

  • MetaLaunch is the first-ever incubator that fuels the Virtual Economies.
  • Metalaunch is the first dedicated metaverse and gaming launchpad
  • The platform supports groundbreaking projects from Polygon, BSC , Avalanche and Solana ecosystem
  • The Platform will feature metaverse marketplace to host INOs from play to earn and virtual world projects
  • Metalaunch brings first metafied DeFi platform features staking, yield farming and NFTs farming

That does bring about the differentiation from the existing launchpads. I understand that there are other products in the ecosystem as well? Please introduce us to the other products in the ecosystem.

Of course Asva Labs has other ecosystem applications, apart from the MetaLaunch launchpad.

MetaFi Defi vault: Multichain defi yield aggregator utilizing the core concepts of defi such as staking, NFTs farming to create passive income and earn good APY on metaverse and gaming tokens.

Metaverse marketplace: An immersive marketplace to sell virtual assets, in-game assets and host Initial NFT Offerings (INOs), auctions and NFT drops.

Wow, that’s exciting. I like the fact that you have diversified your product offerings so much. We also heard that Asva Labs has some gamified features in the pipeline. Is that true? What can we expect from these features?

Yeah we are kind of building a metaverse marketplace not like boring NFT marketplaces like existing only buying and selling. We are adding multiple gamification features through increasing functionalities of virtual ownership assets by introducing MetaLaunch mystery boxes and NFTs farming. We are giving combined incentivization to the both metaverse creators and communities on our platform.

That is intriguing as it will cover both sides of the economic chain. I hear that Asva Labs has locked in some interesting partnerships. Which are they? And according to you, how important is it to collaborate in the metaverse?

Yes, in order to expand our product features and functionalities we joined partnership with top projects from NFTB , Biconomy, KardiaChain, Oddz Finance, Hypersign, Kylin Network, Raze Network, Parsiq, Idavoll Network, and Unmarshal.

That’s wonderful. It does inspire a lot of confidence in the vision that you are moving towards. With all this already achieved, what is the road ahead for Asva Labs?

We have consistently made progress by hitting major milestones in the past few months. Moving forward, This layout gives a peek into our plans and the projected completion time.

I am fascinated by this roadmap and I am looking forward to what the project will bring to the fore. I can see in your roadmap that the IDO is not far. Please introduce us to the token and tell us about the utilities it serves in the ecosystem.

Great thanks for your support.

Please tell us about your token and its utilities.

ASVA tokenomics has been strategically designed to nurture the long term growth and sustainability of the ecosystem. ASVA is the native token of the Asva labs ecosystem. You can call it the backbone of our platform. $ASVA will play an integral role in driving the mass adoption of the multi-chain applications we put forward. The utilities of $ASVA token will constitute Facilitating native token staking incentives, governance, access to IDO and INO deals on launchpad, metaverse marketplace and payments.

Please go through the blog for detailed information regarding the upcoming IDO launch on three launchpads, namely Starter, NFTB, and MetaLaunch (native Launchpad):

This is brilliant. Can you also share the relevant social media links apart from the Medium link here so that the community can follow your updates?

Of course. We have a lot more updates and announcements coming in the next days. Make sure you are in the loop. Here are the links to our websites and social media pages:

Thanks a lot for sharing the details about Asva Labs and taking time out of your busy schedule to be here today. It was a really informative session and I am sure we all got to know a lot about Asva Labs. We will definitely follow the project keenly and hope to be a wonderful partner to you. We will now open it up for the community to ask questions if they have any

Thank you. It was great to spend time with you.

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